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    Jannette Biscoe

    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to post results on scalp massage that I have been doing now for 4 months. The first 2-3 weeks, I had painful sores on the head, because i was massaging too hard – apparently you should massage lightly in the begining.

    I massaged the whole head, the back of the head where the neck meets, and did it for about 20 minutes everyday. I also stopped eating sugars and carbs and focused on lean meats. I didnt stay 100% on this, as there were parties or situations I couldnt avoid.

    My hair felt great and hair loss stopped. I knew because I checked how many hairs fall on my bed, shower and just by putting my hands through the hair. After week 5, I was pretty much stable with no further hair falling out, with some mishaps here and there.

    After another month, I continued my regime, but i didnt see hair regrowth, just better quality hair. I was getting desperate and found the taoist soap, which I started using once a day after my scalp massage to sooth it.

    After this, on the third month, I started seeing a significant covering up of my thinned out areas of my hair. But this stablized after that, and was not increasing. I contacted taoist support team, and asked them for help, and they suggested to add supplements like collagen to the regime. This was the best thing that has ever happened. After starting to take collagen, and scalp massage, and the soap, on the fourth month, my hair is the best it has been in 10 years!!! I am so happy with this, and reccomend everyone follow this regime.



    wow this is amazing dude. Thanks for sharing your amazing results. I hope you uploaded pictures. Please do if you get a chance.



    its funny, we often talk about scalp massage,but very few end up doing it regularly, and like this forming a good regime for hair. The best thing I read today, and feel motivated now.

    Thank you for sharing

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