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    Has anyone tried this Pura D’or product? Its for reducing hair loss but Im skeptical at this stage.

    Take a look at their clinical study: https://www.purador.com/clinical-data

    I mean a questionnaire isn’t the most effective way to determine effects unless you are trying to set yourself up. Anyone tried it?



    That isn’t their only method though. They use that bundling technique to determine how much hair shedding exists. I see your point though, they are going of the statistically significant results from the questionnaire.


    Hamza Hussain

    Yes! Used it and continue to do so. It really does make your hair fluffly, shiny and soft. Actually, its not this specific brand though, I just use their standard shampoo



    It’s good, it worked for me. Didn’t stop my hair loss by any means but not a harmful shampoo unlike the big brands that no one criticizes (herbal essences, head and shoulders)



    Never tried it but their experimental technique seems to be more sound than Alpecins. So I don’t think that should be the critique if anything 😛

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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