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    I started using this hair regrowth shampoo (with 2% trioxidil) a few weeks back and stopped recently. Just sharing my experience with this product.

    Sure enough another hair regrowth shampoo, but it claimed that it can regrow hair by blocking DHT, cleaning the scalp and increasing the growth phase of the hair.

    Apart from acting like a normal shampoo to clean my hair, it did nothing more. Hair continued to fall and it wasn’t slowed down or anything. May this was because of the percentage of trioxidil? Why didn’t this work, has anyone else tried it?



    I’ve tried the women’s version of that and I agree with you, did absolutely zilch. I’m trying to find reviews from other people but there doesn’t seem to be much.


    Bernard Large

    Ah no surprise, I went for 10% trioxidil hair thinning treatment whilst using the shampoo and it flared up my scalp and gave me rashes. I stopped use immediately and contacted the company about but I didn’t get a satisfactory response aside from discontinue use.

    The shampoo was alright though, better than alpcein and head & shoulders for sure.



    Do you mind me asking where you heard about it and what made you want to try it? Seeing as there are tons of products out there..



    Didn’t know you could use the hair thinning one together, maybe thats the cause for the reaction?

    @garyhill – I was just googling hair regrowth shampoos and came across this one, which seemed to have pretty good description.



    Just for future reference, don’t go based of the company description alone 😛
    The fact there were no reviews should have tingled your spidey sense..

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